The World’s Largest What?!

Enticed by a billboard proclaiming “The World’s Largest Rocking Chair,” we turned our RV off the interstate to investigate. Unexpected adventures like this are the best part of travel. When I saw the next sign, I dropped my yarn, jumped from my seat, and shouted “YES.” Ahead were “The World’s Largest Knitting Needles.” It was my lucky day!

Casey, Illinois calls itself “The Small town with a Big Heart.” They invite people to veer off the highway to come see the world’s largest rocking chair, wind chime and golf tee, and many other big things. They have created all of them as a means of drawing business to their little town.

The wind chime is over 50 feet tall,  and visitors are encouraged to pull the cord to make it ring. The rocking chair is a monsterous 56 feet tall and weighs 4,200 pounds. Inside the candy shop resides a pair of 11 foot tall wooden shoes.

We felt like kids, as we ran around taking pictures. Up and down the street, we found a 32 foot long pencil, a 36 foot long yardstick, even a birdcage for humans. Hubby fit nicely on the swing.

I enjoyed all of it, but I kept looking for those knitting needles. Then I saw a sign pointing the way to “The World’s Largest Crochet Hook.”  Oh man, this just got better!

Finally, through a store window, I saw them. Yes, that’s right, I was forced into a yarn shop. Darn. Thank goodness it was open, if it had been closed I might have cried.  

Inside there was an informative display. “The World’s Largest Knitting Needles” are carved of wood, 13 feet tall and weigh 25 pounds each. “The World’s Largest Crochet Hook” is carved of wood,  stands six feet high and weighs nine pounds. To qualify for the title, the items had to be usable. The shop owner hand knit, then crocheted, a ten foot by ten foot square fabric. Also on display was the yarn she spun specifically for the task.   

I took numerous photos and quickly texted them.  My daughter replied with an eye roll emoji (no more scarves for her). My friends were appropriately impressed, and shared in my excitement. After wandering the shop I purchased some yarn. I only did it to be polite. I would have appeared rude not to buy something, right?

If you are ever on I-70 in Illinois, I highly recommend the slight detour to Casey. Take your inner child to the candy shop. And while you are there, be sure to mail a postcard from “The World’s Biggest Mailbox.



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