Can I Give You My Card?

Beautiful new business cards for my blog had arrived, just in time for an upcoming conference.  I promised myself I would hand out at least one, every day. That shouldn’t be too tough, even for an introvert like me. Yet somehow I failed. Miserably.  

I was attending The Crochet Guild of America’s yearly convention. Three days of learning new skills, touching yarn and meeting people. I made my travel plans, booked the hotel and selected my courses. I was ready.

I have attended conferences in the past, where I have gone for three days without talking to anyone. Nothing beyond the polite “Please,” “Thank you,” and “Is anyone sitting here?”  I wanted this time to be different. My business cards were the magic key that would unlock a bold new me.

By the end of the first day, I had not talked to anyone, or handed out a single card.

Annoyed with myself, I quietly slipped a card under the computer keyboard in the hotel business center.  If someone accidentally found it, that should count as handing one out. Then I went back to my room, where I spent the rest of the evening alone, happily playing with yarn and hooks.

Day two I enjoyed chatting with the lady who sat next to me in class. She and I struggled with our stitches, and laughed at our ineptness. I did not mention my blog. But I was super sly and left one of my cards out in the open where she could see it. It was still there when she left.

I made little gift bags with a marble and a business card inside.  I left those on vacant park benches outside. They disappeared, so I chalked that up as a success.    

Day three, there happened at be a writer’s guild conference in the same hotel.  That had to be a lucky sign! I wanted to crash their course on marketing. I sensed that I could use a little help.

Having already paid a lot of money to learn that I will never master (or probably even attempt) crocheted cables, adhering to my schedule seemed prudent. Instead of attending the marketing class, I left a business card in the bathroom stall nearest the writers meeting room. Just one card, I didn’t want to seem pushy.

I plan to attend next year’s Crochet Guild conference. I will probably not retain most of what I learn, or make any lasting friendships. But I will have a wonderful time. And I will have cards stashed in my project bag, just in case someone asks for one.



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