Pain in the Neck

I recently discovered that I have seven different travel-neck pillows. I own two of a few of those (one for me, and one for hubby) which makes a grand total 10! Does that seem excessive?

Debating the merits of each one, or attempting to justify this odd collection seems unnecessary, given the fact that I didn’t know I had that many.

I made this discovery after a fun day shopping at The Container Store. I love that place! I can visualize my house being orderly and well organized (like the ladies from The Home Edit). I dream of my belongings all arranged by color and alphabetized, and truthfully it probably would be that way, except for the fact that I actually live there.

Anyway, I found a super cute basket at The Container Store, and decided to put a messy closet out of its misery and into organized, labeled heaven. That didn’t happen. I got completely distracted by all of the neck pillows.

Why have I kept an inflatable one, that has never held air, for 20 years?  Or the one filled with something that makes me sneeze every time I touch it? I love the super thick, cushy one, but it takes up too much space in my luggage after I have arrived at my destination.

See the long blue one that looks like an arm? I just bought two of those. It is supposed to rest between your shoulder and neck, and you can cuddle with it one the plane, to help you “feel like you’re at home.” Like that is possible, while trying to sleep sitting upright for 10 hours on a plane.

I didn’t get to use that new blue one on our recent trip. Hubby liked it so much that he used both, one on each side of his neck, and he slept great. It made me want to reach over and deflate them while he slept. Not because he had used mine too, but because I have never in my life been able to sleep on a plane, and I was super jealous that he looked so peaceful while I was wide awake and annoyed.

After I lined all of those pillows up for their photo-op, I kept every one. I tossed them back into the closet and set the cute basket on top of the whole mess. Hopefully I can bribe one of my daughters into getting that closet in order.IMG_1861

2 thoughts on “Pain in the Neck

  1. I gave my memory foam neck pillow to my mom last time she was in Riverside. Her neck was hurting and I thought it might help, it did so I gave my mom my 30+ dollar neck pillow because getting old…
    I’d like people to be kind to me as I desend into my senior years. Love you cuz! Happy trails.


    1. Those big cushy ones are the best!
      We know that “you get what you give.” So am sure you will be surrounded by love, always.


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